Iain Devine

Iain Devine

Iain started working in a local gastropub during a gap year. Having found a natural affinity with cooking (especially compared to his somewhat lesser ability to be polite to the general public) he worked as a chef for the full year and throughout his holidays to fund university.

Following University Iain continued to work in the food & drink industries whilst continuing to work in restaurants.

Since setting up shop in Manchester Iain continued to cook for friends and family, cumulating in providing the catering for a friends’ wedding. He then created and served a meat-themed menu for a pop up event during Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2012, following the success of this he decided to move into the field of supper clubs and one off catering. The supper clubs, in particular, have proved to be very popular mixing Iain’s love of quality ingredients and technique with a more relaxed style of eating.

Iain’s supper clubs and demonstrations tend to be themed around an ingredient or style of cooking and he endeavours to show it off to its best, normally by combining a mix of traditional and modern styles along with an (obsessive) love of using every part of the animal/ingredient.

Currently Iain has taken a step back from event catering & supper clubs in order to focus on his real job, house rennovations and recipe development.

If you’d like to speak to Iain about anything, you can contact him here.