BBQ & Bourbon Short Ribs

BBQ & Bourbon Beef Short Ribs


You’ll probably need to pre-order these from your butcher, but they’re worth it. They might refer to them as “Jacob’s Ladder”


I’d go for one rib per 1-2 people depending on the sides you’re going to serve (fries, slaw etc are all good, this salad goes really well too). Have your butcher cut them into equal sized ribs, or do it yourself.


Score the fat using a sharp knife to allow the marinade to penetrate into the meat, this will also help crisp the fat up later.


Dust the individual ribs with a mix of BBQ rubs, I use about 50-50 Slap Ya Mama and Butt Rub, but feel free to express yourself here – be generous. Plate in a waterproof container and sprinkle over a healthy amount of bourbon, again be generous.


On a daily basis turn the ribs so they get nicely coated with the bourbon in the bottom of the container – top up as required. Do this for at least 4 days, preferably a week.


The day before eating, heat a large casserole pan (one with a lid) with some oil, brown the ribs on all sides ensuring a good deep colouring.


Cover the ribs with ginger ale and bring to the boil.


Once boiling, put the lid on the pan and put into a low oven for at least 4 hours – check on them every hour or so turning them as you do. Once fully cooked the bone will slide out easily. Remove the bones and return to the liquid – allow them to cool in it overnight.


Take the meat out of the cooking liquid. Strain the liquid into a saucepan and boil hard – add some BBQ sauce (homemade is best, recipe later, but a decent brand will do) along with a splash of vinegar.


Once this has all reduced down to a thick sauce remove from the heat.


Place the meat onto a baking tray and pour over the sauce, bake in a hot oven until hot through and beginning to go crispy at the edges.


Serve immediately but be warned they’ll be incredibly hot.

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  1. Julie Hamilton says:

    Can’t wait to try these at the weekend


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