Bright Green Soup

Bright Green Soup


A favourite chez Drunken Butcher, this can be fairly light & vegan to more substantial with addition of chicken stock & pesto/cheese – all up to you.


Start by going to your local greengrocer and buying the following (this recipe makes loads but it freezes well)


Couple of white onions

Couple of leeks

A full head of celery


“Soft” greenery – parsley, spinach etc


“Hard” greenery – kale, broccoli etc


Ensure you have some peas in the freezer


Evenly chop the onion, leek & celery and gently fry in oil with salt, stirring occasionally.


While that’s happening chop the hard greens and wash the soft ones, boil the kettle.


Once soft & going translucent add the hard greens & turn the heat up, they’ll go a deeper bright green, cook out for a few more minutes until cooked through, once this happens cover with boiling water and boil hard. Test the veg and once completely cooked (the first time you make this you’ll almost definitely under-do them) then dump in the soft greenery whilst stirring constantly.


Grab a stick blender and start to process the soup, adding water as required.


Once smooth add a couple of handfuls of frozen peas and turn the heat off. The residual heat will cook the peas, continue blending until smooth.


You now have bright green soup.


Some variation:

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