Carne Asada

Is there a definitive recipe for this?  Like a lot of things it’s a collection of ideas & techniques, so here’s mine:

Take one big slab of skirt steak, put into a non reactive container.

Mix the following


Dried chilli flakes (much better than powder)

Springs of fresh thyme that you’ve scrunched up

A few cloves of garlic that you’ve smashed a bit

Black pepper

Oregano (dried is fine)

Healthy splash of red wine vinegar

Any other spices you like, Slap Ya Mama mix is my favourite, Butt Rub is good too

Rub this mix all over the steak and leave overnight in the fridge

2 hours before grilling take the meat out of the fridge

Put your largest, heaviest pan on full heat

Extraction on full

Windows & doors open

Batteries out of the smoke detector

Pick off the garlic, thyme from the steak and brush it lightly with veg oil, just a thin covering

Once the pan is hot enough that you think it’s starting to melt (normally at least 10 minutes) add the steak and do nothing, do NOT move it about, do NOT shake the pan, give it a good 3-5 mins depending on your pan’s heat, size of the steak etc

When it’s a really good deep brown sear all over one side, flip it do the same on the other.

Take out of the pan and onto a dish to rest, add some hot water to the pan to deglaze it and reduce this down, pour over the steak – you’re looking to reduce it down to the merest syrupy drizzle, not a thin gravy.

Leave the steak alone at room temperature for at least 30 minutes, more if possible.

If you want to serve it hot then whack it in a hot oven for 5 minutes, I prefer it at warm/room temperature.

Slice the steak AGAINST the grain – this is absolutely crucial, if it “bleeds” all over the place you should have rested it for longer.  Slice into strips and serve with salad, in tacos/fajitas or really with whatever you want.

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