Chicken with Black Pudding, thyme & potatoes

Following on from making some black pudding a while ago I was asked to post a recipe involving black pudding & chicken, so here we go.

(Per person)

One large skin on, bone in, chicken thigh

3-6 new/salad potatoes, depending on size & appetite

2 slices of black pudding, best quality bought or make your own (recipe coming soon)

Large sprig of thyme

White wine

Double cream


The night before:

Boil the spuds, whole, until cooked.  Drain & cool in cold water, once at room temperature, slice into chunks about 1cm thick, leave in the fridge overnight.

Season the chicken with salt and about half the thyme sprigs, leave in the fridge overnight.

The day itself

Rmeove the spuds & chicken from the fridge and allow to come up to room temperature

Pour a good sized glass of white wine into a saucepan, add the remaining thyme with some peppercorns, boil this hard until there’s almost no liquid left and the harshness from the alcohol has gone.

Heat a large frying pan and cook the chicken thigh(s) through, keep the skin side down for a good 80% of the cooking, turning only to get a nice colour on the other sides.  Once cooked through, remove to a warm place.

While you’re doing this add a good splash of cream to the reduced wine & flavourings, heat through until the cream has reduced to a nice sauce like consistency.  Strain into a different pan (you could do this the night before too, if so make sure you leave straining it until the last minute to improve on the thyme flavour)

When the pan is back up to heat add the potatoes and fry on both sides until crispy

Cut the black pudding into cubes and fry with the potato for the last minute or so, you’re looking for crispy edges, but the black pudding itself should still be moist inside.

Pour a little of the sauce into a bowl, add crispy spuds & black pudding (how artistic you want to make this look is up to you), top with the chicken and offer more sauce at the table.  A big pile of buttered greens on the side would go very nicely with this.

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