Christmas Dinner Terrine

My take on a “traditional” xmas dinner.  This works well as a starter or light lunch, it gives you turkey, pigs in blankets, sprouts, cranberry sauce, roasties & gravy.


Quantities all depend on the size of your terrine mould really so I’ll leave those to you.

Mix 50-50 turkey mince & sausage meat

Heavily season this (all cold food needs more seasoning)

Fold through cranberries, if using dried then soak overnight in water or tea (Earl Grey especially) before use

Line your terrine mould with streaky bacon, smoked or unsmoked is up to you – I’d go for smoked

Add some of the mince mixture, and strips of turkey breast, more of the mince etc, you’re looking for a nice presentation when you slice through it (see main picture)

Finish the terrine by sealing it with the overhanging bacon then roast in a medium-low oven until cooked, your best best bet here is a temperature probe, go for 70C as an internal temp, it’s done at 63C but I’ll leave that up to you (personally I go for 65C as it’ll keep cooking once removed from the oven), let it come to room temperature and put it in the fridge over night.

Take it out of the fridge a couple of hours before serving

Half (lengthways) & roast some brussel sprouts

1.5cm cubes of spuds, boiled until soft & fluffy, deep fried until crisp, seasoned

Heat some red wine sauce

Take a nice slice of the terrine, see which side looks better presentation-wise and place it on the centre of a plate with that side up.

Surround with the hot sprouts & potatoes

Dress with the red wine sauce

Sprinkle over a VERY small amout of red wine vinegar and sea salt


Photo by The Fat Loaf – where we’ll be serving this tonight (17/12/14)

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