This tends to be a “party piece” for me, one of those dishes that doesn’t seem to work if you scale it down for two-four people.


Serves lots as a nibble at the beginning of a party, ideal with shots of frozen vodka (Finlandia naturally!)


One whole salmon, skin on, cut into two sides, pin-boned


Cure ingredients

400g granulated sugar

200g salt

35g toasted & coarsely crushed black pepper & coriander seeds

2 bunches of dill (let’s be realistic here, 2 packets from the supermarket)


Start 4-7 days before you want to serve it



A good knife really helps with the slicing here, I use this one


Cold white wine, frozen vodka, sour cream with dill stirred in and mustard mayo are all good ideas.


If you want to “prettify” this you can grate fresh beetroot in with the cure to turn the salmon purple. If you do this you must make sure that your bottom tray is high enough to catch all the liquid as it’s a sod to clean off your fridge otherwise.


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