Long Drink

The Finnish are famous for many things Moomins, stunningly beautiful ladies, amazing drivers, design and saunas, but another of their national treasures is not so well known. This is known as Long Drink (Lonkero) – a fantastic combination of grapefruitade and gin. This is a staple in every Finnish bar and utterly delicious & refreshing.


After extensive research we’ve got hold of the exclusive importer so we’re looking to get a load in for all you lucky people.


It comes in at £36 for 24 330ml cans (5.5%) so £1.50 a can. I’ve just checked that against Tesco’s price for Bacardi Breezer and it’s identical per litre, but infinitely superior in every way!


If you’ve had this before you know what a treat it is. When I come back from Finland I guard it incredibly jealously and you have to be on my best friends list to even share a can with me!


So, if you’d like to order some we’re doing it by the 24 case, but you could split that down further with your friends. We need to order a minimum of 7 cases to make it viable (we get free delivery then). It’ll be delivered to my house in Manchester, but Rob will be able to take some to the other side of the Pennines for you Yorkshire folk.


There is also the cranberry variety at 38 a case and once I’ve heard about the lime I’ll detail that too.  There is a 10 week lead time on the cranberry so start thinking about xmas!


If you’re up for this then let me know – iain.devine@gmail.com and we’ll put some plans in place.

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