Here are links to various reviews and blog posts about my past events.

Liz’s Deep South Feast

Let’s Have A Meeting (Food Geek), (Moregeous)

Viva L’Espana

Cluckin Hell (Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking), (Impetuous Blogger), (Phat Cupcake), (Pyromaniacs)

Burgers, Ribs & Wings


Roast Dinner Masterclass

Sunday Roast Masterclass

Flock & Roll

Favourite Things (Of Must and Mash), (Phat Cupcake)

Around The World In 8ish Steaks (Food Geek), (Moregeous), (Hungry Manc)

Joy Of Pork (Manchester Foodies), (Things To Do In Mcr), (Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking), (Hungry Manc), (Of Must and Mash)

On The Game

Malty Tastings

New Years Resolution

Sous Vide Supper Club (Lickerish Split), (Manchester Foodies)

Finland Is Winland

Love Withington Baths

Something Fishy 

Over (and under) A Barrel 

Game of Bones