Steak & Ale Pie

Once again, not so much a recipe as a sequences of processes.  Uncooked this’ll hold for a couple of days in the fridge so you can make it over the weekend and come home to an amazing supper.

Braising steak in large chunks

Dust with seasoned flour & fry in batches until crisp & golden brown

Put all the meat back in a large pan and cover with 50-50 good quality stock & ale

Add bay & thyme and cook slowly for a few hours until tender, top with stock & ale as required to keep it covered.

Strain the meat out of the sauce and reduce the sauce until nice & thick, pick out the bay & thyme stalks, season as required

Add the meat & sauce to an ovenproof dish

Peel & evenly chop onion, carrot & celery and fry until cooked & caramelised, but not burnt then add to the pie dish.  Allow to cool before topping with pastry.

Top with pastry (my favourite is suet crust, 2/3 SR Flour, 1/3 Suet with water to bind), if needs be use something to prop up the pastry in the middle, like that ceramic blackbird that’s probably in a kitchen drawer somewhere!

Eggwash and bake until golden, allow to cool for a few minutes before diving in.

Chips are always a welcome here, maybe some greens, but most importantly a pint or two of the ale you used.



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