Super Melty Cheese

Super melty cheese


The whole point of this is that it’s not good for you, it doesn’t contain any top quality cheeses.  This is as far away from Colston Bassett as you could imagine.


This is to be used on burgers, poured over chilli, nachos and pretty much anything else.  Preferably eaten alone or with sympathetic/non-judgemental friends.




Unless you’re going to be able to stand over this and ensure it’s constantly stirred I’d suggest you make this all in a bain marie (a metal bowl set over hot water) this will stop it burning and let you crack on with everything else you’re making

Pour about half an inch of milk into a heavy bottomed pan and set over a low heat.  Then open a large pack of full fat soft cheese and whack that in – use the economy/basics stuff, no fancy Philadelphia.


As that melts into the milk keep stirring, you’ll need to keep an eye on this the whole time as it will catch, so keep stirring.  If you’ve got time you can make it in a bowl set over hot water (like melting chocolate).


Get an 8 pack of those cheese strings and add to the mix.


Open 16-20 slices of burger cheese, depending on if it comes in 8 or 10 packs.  Ideally you’re looking for the most nuclear yellow/orange ones you can find.


Keep stirring – add milk as required, different cheeses require different amounts.  Make sure you scrape the rim of the pan as it’ll ride up and harden otherwise.


Assuming you did keep stirring so it didn’t catch & burn (if it did garb a clean pan and restart with what’s ok, do NOT scrape the bottom of the pan as you’ll get the burnt bits) it’ll gradually become a smooth, stringy sauce – taste, it shouldn’t need salt.  You can now add chilli if you like but I prefer it as is.

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