Whiskey (Also Bourbon & Old-Fashioned) Ice Cream Recipe


300ml fat milk
600ml double cream
Caster sugar
Vanilla extract
6 egg yolks



  1. The day before, put your ice cream maker in the freezer (if required)
  2. Pour yourself a shot & put some music on
  3. Put the milk into a heavy bottomed pan over a low heat, make sure the flames don’t come up the sides of the pan
  4. Keep a really close eye on this
  5. Really close
  6. Add around half a teaspoon of the vanilla extract and stir in
  7. In a metal bowl whisk the egg yolks together with 6 tablespoons of caster sugar until smooth
  8. By this time the milk will boiled over unless you watched it properly, assuming you did then pour a little of the milk into the egg mixture while whisking CONSTANTLY
  9. Once smooth add the rest of the milk, keep it moving the whole time
  10. Return the milk to the pan and the pan to the low heat, stir constantly until the yolks thicken the mix
  11. Remove from the heat and keep stirring
  12. Add the double cream straight from the fridge to stop the eggs overcooking & scrambling
  13. Add booze, I usually go for between 100-175ml of spirits (you’ve probably finished that shot, time to have another) and dashes (to taste) of bitters if making old-fashioned
  14. Taste again, if it needs sugar then dissolve some in a dash of hot milk and add, but you should be good
  15. Those shots were good weren’t they? Best have another
  16. Cover and refrigerate overnight
  17. Pour through a fine sieve before it goes into your ice cream maker
  18. Once churned, put it in a plastic container with a tightly closing lid and freeze overnight
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